ETA Conservatory has an experienced team in production and installation. In principle, we do not use subcontractors. We are not just a company, we are family, where each of us supports each other. The family environment, corporate belonging are the basic working principles of ETA Conservatory.

We present ETA Conservatory to you from our employees' pen:

Nusret UZAR (Assembly Chief): I have been working at the company since the establishment of ETA Conservatory. I've been working with the same team for 23 years. I'm proud to be one of the company's longest-tenured employees.

Ali İZCİ (Production Supervisor): I have been in this team for 20 years. I continue to apply all my experience and knowledge for the satisfaction of our customers. It is my privilege to work at ETA Conservatory.

Hakan YILDIZ (Technician): I have been working as a Technician for 16 years with this team. We are experienced in both production and assembly. We never use subcontractors. We do whatever we have to do for customer satisfaction.

Osman ŞENGÜL (Production-Assembly): I have been in the ETA family for 13 years. I'm working every day with the first day of excitement. We are a family.

Hüseyin BOĞA (Production-Assembly): 13 years ago I started working as an apprentice in the ETA family. I have successfully completed all kinds of trainings. First, I became an assistant, then master workman. Now, I work as a team head in both production and assembly teams. To give the best service to our customers, working together with my colleagues in a family environment makes me happy.