What kind of information should I make available when inquiring an offer? What is your offering period?

If you specify your purpose of use and, if possible, prepare a drawing or draft showing the dimensions of the location, your proposal will reach you within one working day. Or if you wish, our technical team will give you an appointment on the details and give you a clear view of the technical work at the end of the work.

What is the delivery time of conservatories?

Under normal conditions, your conservatory will be delivered within 20 working days following the signing of the contract. This period goes up to 35 days during the intensive production period. Our net delivery time will further be indicated in our offer according to our manufacturing and installation program.

What kind of technology do you use in manufacturing conservatories? Will you please give information about your team?

ETA Conservatory manufactures its products at its premises in İstanbul by using the latest German technology and machinery.  In this plant, any requests of our customers are assessed by an experienced team having architectural and engineering formation.  ETA Conservatory has an experienced team in designing, as well as in manufacturing and installation.

What are the factors affecting the cost of a conservatory?

The roof system and the types of opening of the modules to be used around a conservatory in line with the suggestions of our experts and your request and desire are the most important aspects, which directly effect the costs of conservatories. Apart from these, any alternatives such as roof crestings, safety accessories, heat and sunlight control units, tempered glass are the other aspects affecting the cost.

What kind of glass can be used in conservatories?

Glasses are the most important elements of the Conservatory. In ETA Conservatory, roof glazing is manufactured in accordance with British Standard BS 5516 and BS 6262 as a solar glass thermal insulation against sun rays and security glass against breaks according to BS EN 1279.

What accessories and devices can be used in conservatories for heat control and ventilation?

Roof windows can be used even if the roof of your conservatory is made of glass or solid material. Roof windows allow the interior to be ventilated without the need of opening windows or doors. Ventilation from the roof windows is more efficient because heated and used air rises.

Ceiling fans provide better air circulation inside the winter garden.

The blinds and curtains used on the roof and windows ensure that you can effectively regulate solar heat, light and UV (ultraviolet) light, so that you can enjoy your conservatory all year round.

Heating devices will allow you to spend a comfortable time in the conservatory. Heating can be done in several ways. For example, underfloor heating, heating with panel radiators, heating with air conditioners, collector heating, fireplace heating etc.