This style is is distinguished by its curved front with generally 3 or 5 faceted ends. It is the most perfect example where energy saving and maintenance-free material of our today's technology is used. Because of the multi-front structure of the Victorian model, the light uniformly penetrates into the indoor. Generally, each front is designed in the same dimensions. But only for conservatories in octagonal design it is possible to keep the front section wider.

In general, the roof slopes vary between 15 and 30 degrees. But technically and considering the snow loads and the wind loads of the regions, in general the most suitable value is 22 degrees.

To the ridges formed on top of the roof due to its design, conventional roof ornamenting accessories can be added. the Victorian is one of the most popular conservatory styles, as they are versatile and blend well with all properly styles.


Some features:

a) It has a roof of thermal feature and an integrated stream system.

b) Inner and outer covering may be different.

c) Application of any heat-controlled and sunlight-controlled glasses is possible.

d) Roof system is completely in load-bearing steel structure.

e) There  are safety mechanisms against thievery as well as safe and lockable handle alternatives.

f)  There are options for any kinds of tilt & turn, sliding and bi-fold windows or doors.

g) It is composed of fully-insulated roofing and framing systems.

h) Due to the design of the roof, traditional roof decoration accessories can be added to the spaces formed at the top.