This is the most flexible and the most economical conservatory model of ETA Conservatory. This model has two distinctive advantages: Lean-to conservatories are more economical relative to other designs with respect to the bottom sq.m. and they are very adaptable whether you have an older or more contemporary house.

Lean-to style of conservatory can be easily adapted to any type of architecture. This type of roof which also allows gaining maximum area has thin sections combining the strength with elegance without creating a heavy appearance. It is a type of conservatory that can be easily applied in your roof terraces as well as in the gardens of your houses.

Some features of the Lean-to Style Conservatories:

a) It has a roof of thermal feature and an integrated stream system.

b) Inner and outer covering may be different.

c) Application of any heat-controlled and sunlight-controlled glasses is possible.

d) Roof system is completely in load-bearing steel structure.

e) There  are safety mechanisms against thievery as well as safe and lockable handle alternatives.

f)  There are options for any kinds of tilt & turn, sliding and bi-fold windows or doors.

g) It is composed of fully-insulated roofing and framing systems.

h) Eta Awning  systems can be applied to the entire roof for protection from the sun.