We recommend that you carry out routine maintenance on your conservatory. Find below a brief list of conservatory maintenance tips allowing you enjoy your home with joy.


Ventilating is important all year round. It is important to provide natural ventilation to help minimize condensation and maintain a comfortable interior temperature whenever possible by opening windows/doors or the roof vent.

The internal surfaces of the exterior walls should not fall below 17 ºC. (Heat the rooms sufficiently even if you don't use them).

Rooms with high air humidity or rooms that stay closed for a long time due to safety reasons can be used suitable additional ventilation in the window sash or in the frame.



Conservatories are built to be air and water tight. When temperature outside drops and we turn on heating, we may face condensation. Condensation occurs when water vapor comes into contact with a cold surface such as glass and the vapor turns to water droplets. In addition, flowers inside our home, cooking, or drying laundry may lead to increased air humidity and consequently require a proper ventilation.

Ventilate Your Conservatory & Home. In order to prevent any build-up of excess moisture, you have to ensure that your conservatory and your home are well aired.  You can have a natural ventilation, and/or use a trickle ventilation unit, located at the top of the windows. This is designed to control ventilation and minimize any build up of condensation.

Don’t dry your laundry in your conservatory as this contribute to the moisture levels.

Consider not having too many plants in your conservatory in winter months, as they produce moister.